The Guided Edition
by Brittney Serpell
Embark on this 8 week guided journey of The Life Academy Parenting Track to learn how to empower your kids, through connection, to live powerfully & responsibly!
Guided Track Starts on Sept 18!
You do not control your children. You want to help teach them how to control themselves from the inside out…
Children are powerful. In a world where parents are taught to control their children through external rules and punishments, Jesus points to a better way—the way of teaching children to be governed from the inside through the law of love. Find the tools you need to partner with God in seeing the children around you live full and empowered lives.

With over 30 years of collective experience, Danny Silk and his team compiled the Life Academy video curriculum to help you thrive in every area of your life. As a Life Academy student, you will:

 • Take eight 20-25 minute video classes per course at your own pace
 • Complete enriching and activating homework assignments
 • Increase connection in your life

I've broken the teaching series up into 15 - 20 minute sessions to be engaged with every week for 8 weeks. Along with the classes, you'll receive processing questions and access to a private facebook page to help you fully immerse yourself into the experience of learning how to love parenting again!
So, will you join me on this journey? 
The "Guided Edition" is a unique chance to go on a private & unique journey with your instructor, Brittney...

Along the way, you'll get access to new features including:
Brittney will send you an email every week of the 8 week journey with a perspective-driven class, practical tools & challenges to put the material to use in your everyday life.
Every week, Brittney will choose one member of the track to coach live through a parenting challenge & you'll be given the opportunity to tune in or watch the replay!
You'll be given access to a private community with everyone else on the guided track. Along the way, Brittney will host conversations around the classes & more.
(Delivered to your email inbox weekly!)
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"After doing the Loving our kids on purpose class I fell in love with being a parent again. I had lost all hope and lived mostly frustrated and drained with my two toddlers. But Now I feel like I have the tools I need to feel powerful and I now have a better focus to be intentional with my kids.”

- Beth 

"This is the best parenting tool by far I have ever heard of. There are no questions on the content and practical tools this program offers. Without a doubt worth every penny to finally understand the mind of my child! This stuff is seriously so good!!!"

- Andy 

"This is a course that EVERYONE who is a parent or is considering to someday become a parent should take. We use the ideas with our personal daughter along with the 12 middle school students we are raising as houseparents at a boarding school - and it works 100% of the time. I will teach this to everyone who is looking for a better way to raise the next generation of world changers."

- Joe
Meet Your Instructor

Brittney Serpell is a skilled communicator who inspires parents to believe the best about themselves and their children, offering hope-filled solutions for every day issues. As the Director of Parenting at Loving on Purpose, Brittney brings a wealth of tools, knowledge, and practical experience to her role. Brittney is certified in Love and Logic and worked for six years as the Development Director for the children’s department at Bethel Church, where she created and established a culture of strong communication and team values. Brittney and her husband, Ben, married in 2003, have three wonderful children, and are actively loving their kids on purpose! 
1. If I already own the Parenting Track can I still join the 8 Week journey? 
 Yes, we would LOVE you to join the journey with us you just need to sign up before September 15th.

2. Will I still have access to this material once the 8 week journey has ended? 
 Yes, you will still own the material after the journey has ended and can go review the materials as many times as you like. 

3. Can I purchase one track to use in a group setting?
 No, we ask that you have each person in your group sign up individually since the school is build for individual use. 

For Questions, email our team here!